"Firelogic" - the debut album by Viv Youell

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Viv Youell - New Digital Release due January 2008

The EP Love in the Afternoon - originally recorded as a demo with Tim Bradshaw and Clune of the David Gray band - introduced the songs from the London folk scene and are now released in contemporary format.

These songs speak gently, yet definitively, of the passions that drive a heart and capture the essence of the genre.

A sophisticated  collection of early demos for the songs which have been instrumental in Viv Youells career. The Mountain Song and An Answer to a Prayer are released for the first time. Love in the Afternoon and The World Around were later re-recorded and became the founding parts of the Firelogic collection.

Press Release 9.11.06

Viv Youell - "Firelogic"  Release date : 2nd December 2006   

For Dublin born singer songwriter, Viv Youell, the debut album "Firelogic" is all about passion and dedication - to the songs, to herself and to the story.

These are intimate songs raw with tenderness where the poignancy of the emotions is carried by lush, dynamic vocals to a back-drop of strong rhythm and electric guitars. "Firelogic" is a creative collaboration as Northern Irish guitarist, Richard Murray, introduces country and blues to provide the platform for Viv to both capture and be captured by the songs themselves.

Influenced by the likes of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Chrissie Hynde and Tracey Chapman, the folk inspired pop is punctuated by intimate ballads as her writing style is deeply embedded in the poetic sensibilities of 60's folk/beat writers such as Cat Stevens, Simon& Garfunkel, Lennon & McCartney and the singer songwriters Neil Finn and Jeff Buckley.

Frequent references to Kirsty MacColl, Joni Mitchell, Kirsten Hersh and on occasion to PJ Harvey will now see Viv Youell poised to join her contemporaries as her music nestles between that of KT Tunstall, Cat Power and Kathryn Williams.

A sumptuous and elegant re-recording of " Love in the Afternoon" from her original demo, which was recorded with Tim Bradshaw and Clune of the David Gray band, leads the worldwide download release of "Firelogic" on her own label  via all major internet music sites

Release Date: 2nd December 2006

Label: Viv Youell

CD Catalogue No: TINCD002

Contact: Info@VivYouell.com for press pack and further details.